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Who is responsible for deciding my SSDI disability claim?

Attorney D. Scott Gordon > Frequently Asked Questions > Social Security Disability > Who is responsible for deciding my SSDI disability claim?

Disability Determination Services

After you file your initial application for Social Security Disability Benefits your claim is transferred to a state agency known as Disability Determination Services (“DDS”).  The role of DDS is to collect your medical records and to render a decision regarding your medical eligibility for benefits.  DDS also sends questionnaires to detail your daily activities.  If your basic medical information does not reveal a conclusive physical or mental status, DDS can send your records to a doctor for their opinion about your residual functional capacity (“RFC”), or DDS may send you directly to another doctor for a consultive examination.   Based on those RFC opinions and the opinions of your treating physicians, DDS will either find you to be disabled or not disabled based upon Social Security’s 5 step decision process.

Administrative Law Judge

If you appeal your denial and proceed to a hearing, an Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”) becomes responsible for deciding your claim. The ALJ works in a different office than DDS and has no prior involvement in the earlier case decisions.